Because You Need to Know: Monthly News Round-Up for April 2020

A monthly round-up of industry news stories, useful publications, and notable cases of which you should be aware from the preceding month

Welcome to “Because You Need to Know,” XDD’s monthly news round-up.  In these posts, we gather together interesting articles, noteworthy cases, new publications, and XDD materials from the preceding month.  This post gathers items of interest from April 2020.

Industry News Stories

The news from April was dominated by stories of the legal industry’s and the courts’ continuing adaptation to COVID-19:

Notable Cases

New eDiscovery cases discussed in April include:

Useful Publications

New industry publications released in April include:

XDD Materials

In April, XDD published two new blog articles, an updated white paper, a new podcast episode, a new demonstration webinar, and a new educational webinar:

  • XDD’s First Chair Podcast
    • Episode 08: Sharon Nelson and John Simek on Ethical Misadventures in eDiscovery – Each month, XDD’s First Chair podcast invites one or more guest experts to sit down with XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, for a 20-30 minute conversation about a single, important eDiscovery topic. In our eighth episode, Sharon Nelson and John Simek, the President and Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc., discuss some ethical misadventures in eDiscovery.
  • White Paper
    • Gone Viral: Social Media in eDiscovery – As a review of almost any day’s news will demonstrate, social media remains an influential, indispensable part of American life – for better or for worse. Moreover, as social media has been working its way ever deeper into our relationships, our professional activities, and our culture as a whole, its impact on discovery has been growing as well.  Unfortunately, the nature, diversity, and volume of social media data continue to present a variety of technical and legal challenges for practitioners.  In this free, thirty-four page white paper – newly updated for 2020, XDD Director of Education Mathew Verga, JD, reviews the things practitioners need to know about dealing with social media in eDiscovery, including: what sources there are, what data those sources contain, how that data can be obtained, and how it can be authenticated, as well as issues of spoliation, ethics, and reliability.
  • Demonstration Webinar
    • Foresight Is 2020: Experience XDD Esquify Powered [Remote] Managed Review Workforce Platform – As businesses adapt day to day operations to provide services in a safe, functional environment, the ability to maneuver swiftly within a remote or onsite capacity is more paramount than ever. In the world of eDiscovery, conducting Managed Document Reviews typically involves hundreds of attorneys working alongside each other on premise.  Those times have changed.  In this free, one-hour webinar/demo, XDD VP of Esquify Product Development Terra Ickes, XDD Sr. Director of Managed Review Services David Sundwall, and XDD VP of Product Management Drew Stern, showcase how to optimize managed review results effectively within a remote environment using XDD Esquify Managed Review technology, without missing a beat.
  • Educational Webinar
    • Time to Make the Donuts: Processing Fundamentals – As ESI has become the norm in discovery, competence with technology has become an essential part of being an effective legal practitioner, and ESI processing for discovery is another of the areas in which legal practitioners need some knowledge to fulfill their duty of technology competence. Although it is often given short shrift compared to the steps that come before it (preservation and collection) and after it (ECA and review), effective processing is critical to the success of those downstream steps and includes a variety of important technical decisions that can have substantive effects.  In this free, one-hour webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, and XDD Director of eDiscovery Operations Management Brent Westenfelt review the fundamentals legal practitioners need to know about processing, including: essential steps and tools, common errors and special cases, de-NISTing and deduplication, content filtering options, and potential additional steps.

As always, we welcome your input regarding future topics for our webinars, articles, and white papers.  Share your interests with us here.

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