XDD Launches New Educational eDiscovery Podcast “First Chair”

Xact Data Discovery expands its long-running educational program beyond articles, practice guides, white papers, and webinars and into podcasts

As part of Xact Data Discovery’s mission to provide ongoing education to eDiscovery practitioners of all types, XDD is extending its long-running educational program beyond articles, practice guides, white papers, and webinars.  This month, XDD is launching a new educational podcast called First Chair.

Each month, XDD’s First Chair podcast will invite one or more guest experts to sit down with XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, for a 20-30 minute conversation about a single, important eDiscovery topic.  From understanding TAR 2.0, to discovery from new source types, to new AI tools, and beyond, First Chair will expose listeners to experienced legal and technical eDiscovery practitioners and their expert insights into our rapidly evolving industry.

Our Inaugural Episode’s Topic and Guest

It is that rapid industry evolution that is the topic of our inaugural episode.  In less than two decades, the eDiscovery industry has gone from birth to a market size in excess of $10 billion, from a few regional providers to countless providers engaged in a frenzy of consolidation, from imaging paper to collecting gigabytes to collecting terabytes, from order takers to subject matter experts to valued partners.  How did we get from there to here?  Where is here, and where are we going next?

To discuss this topic, our guest for our inaugural episode is Bob Polus, the original founder and current President and CEO of Xact Data Discovery.  As leader of XDD for more than two decades, Bob has grown the company from a small, regional duplication service provider, into an international eDiscovery provider, and beyond just traditional eDiscovery services.  On that journey, he has witnessed firsthand the arc of our industry to date and can offer us a wide-angle view of that evolution, from birth to today.

Next Month’s Guests, Topic, and Question Submission

Next month, XDD’s First Chair will feature two analytics experts, XDD Senior Director of Relativity Analytics Paul Laven and XDD Director of Relativity Analytics Chris Chapman, discussing TAR 2.0 and how it relates to other TAR workflows.  If you have questions about TAR 2.0 that you would like Paul and Chris to answer, you can submit questions ahead of the episode by visiting our website at https://www.xactdatadiscovery.com/podcast/ and looking for the “Submit Question” button just below the latest episode.

Where to Stream, Download, and Subscribe

All episodes of XDD’s First Chair podcast are available to stream and download for free on our website at https://www.xactdatadiscovery.com/podcast/.  To receive future episodes automatically, you can also subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the “Subscribe” button and choosing your preferred podcast source from among: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and SoundCloud.  Alternatively, you can click on the “Subscribe” button and choose the “RSS” option, if you wish to get the feed link for copying into a third-party podcast application.

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About the Author

Matthew Verga

Director of Education

Matthew Verga is an electronic discovery expert proficient at leveraging his legal experience as an attorney, his technical knowledge as a practitioner, and his skills as a communicator to make complex eDiscovery topics accessible to diverse audiences. A fourteen-year industry veteran, Matthew has worked across every phase of the EDRM and at every level from the project trenches to enterprise program design. He leverages this background to produce engaging educational content to empower practitioners at all levels with knowledge they can use to improve their projects, their careers, and their organizations.

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