Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Document Review Travel: Why Legal Process Offshoring Might be Right for You

Offshore legal services offer significant savings in terms of both time and money, and, when managed correctly, can yield excellent results.

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The Art of the Litigation Hold Notice: Complying with Rule 37(e) for Compliance’s Sake and Your Own

Having a well-written litigation hold notice is not just essential for compliance with the FRCP, but it will save time and money by keeping nondiscoverable, irrelevant information out of your data set.

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Finding Your Discovery and Document Management Soul Mate

Modern litigation has gotten technologically complex, and in many cases, it makes more sense to let the “experts” handle the e-discovery side of things. Of course, this is only true if the vendor understands what you want and can produce those results.

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Data Retention Policies and Litigation Holds: More Than Just a Formality

Recent case illustrates the importance of properly managing electronic data through the implementation of strong data retention and litigation hold policies in order to avoid sanctions.

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Restoring Proportionality in the Age of E-Discovery: The Past, Present and Future of Proportionality and FRCP 26(b)

The e-discovery world has been buzzing over the proposed amendments to the FRCP, with revisions to Rule 26(b) placing the concept of proportionality front and center in defining the scope of the discovery process.

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Getting the Most Out of Managed Review Services: Protocol Writing 101

Let your managed review team do the heavy lifting, but do not send them in blind. A well-drafted protocol will set clear guidelines and help ensure your end goals are met.

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Managing eDiscovery Costs: Who Should Perform Your Document Review?

Keeping idle associates temporarily occupied with document review may seem like an efficient use of resources, but it pales in comparison to organizing a well-trained, well-versed, consistent team of professional contract reviewers. The latter approach is not only more cost-effective, it is more efficient and produces a superior end product.

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