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Spanning the EDRM from A-Z

XDD eDiscovery services span the entire EDRM.  From Information Governance to Forensics, Data Processing and beyond you can be assured your data is in the right hands from start to finish.  See below and click through to learn more about our eDiscovery services.

Records management never goes out of style

Whether you call it records management, IG or information governance, managing the entire lifecycle of your discovery projects from start to finish is critical to your organization and your customers.  The EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) is the industry standard; and while we understand it to be a “model”, its reliability is unquestioned and unparalleled. The model begins with Information Governance, a functional understanding critical to the entire eDiscovery process.

XDD fully possesses and incorporates that understanding in all that we do. If your organization needs to know more about IG in order to do more, XDD should be your partner.

Learn more about XDD Information Governance eDiscovery services.

You won’t find our fingerprints on anything

As an integral part of the overall data discovery process, XDD forensic services provide law firms and corporations with proven, world-class computer forensics services expertise to help clients investigate, gather, preserve, recover, analyze and convert electronic data into comprehensible evidence to maximize its value and use in court.

Applying the latest advancements in computer forensics investigative techniques, skill sets and methodologies, XDD Forensic Services streamline the entire computer forensics process helping clients complete matters efficiently and effectively.

Learn more about XDD Forensics eDiscovery services.

Raw data, intelligence well-done

Let’s face it – processing data can be a grind. And, the more data you have, the more people, time and technology it takes to produce the discovery intelligence you and your clients need. Our proprietary processing engine, XEDD, was built by former Microsoft engineers to help clients process multiple terabytes of raw data, while providing unparalleled capacities, speed, scalability and customization.

Engineered to individual client specifications, XEDD enables clients to convert raw data into the intelligence they need in an efficient, accurate and streamlined fashion.

  • Built and supported by former Microsoft engineers
  • Microsoft .NET architecture
  • SQL back end
  • Secured in SSAE 16 Type II (SOC 1) certified data center in Dallas, TX
  • Hundreds of supported file formats
  • Successful processing of small to multi-terabyte projects
  • Highly scalable, performs as well processing 1 GB of PSTs (Outlook) as 1024 GB of NSFs
  • Customizable architecture, flexible design allows for changes in workflow and updates
  • Integrates best-of-breed technologies
  • Constantly evolving, regular feature improvements and additions
  • Built-in quality control checks at all stages

Learn more about XDD Data Processing eDiscovery services.

A room with a review

Well, actually several rooms, with several reviewers in multiple locations. In order to review data, it first needs a place to live. XDD Data Hosting and Review services enable clients to access, discover, analyze, review and share information via a highly secure environment.

Clients can expand architectures, share associated costs and distribute data and relevant communications quickly and effectively to remote users, branch offices or co-counsel.  From long-term archiving to active online review, XDD Data Hosting and Review services provide clients with 24/7 access online via our highly-secure, tier 4 data center in Dallas, Texas.

Learn more about XDD Data Hosting and Review eDiscovery services.

Finding the smoking gun just got easier

Increasing volumes of data mean increasing document review costs, both in terms of time and money. Finding the right partner to efficiently manage your review process will enable a more predictable way to control review costs, which frees you and your counsel to focus on what matters most: running your business and moving your case forward.

XDD offers managed review teams with the expertise required to successfully orchestrate every aspect of document review. The teams are led by seasoned attorneys who are both skilled at managing people and the processes. Our Experts work closely with you to develop a strategy and mix of services that fits your exact needs, from staffing to the latest technology and review techniques that are appropriate for each unique project.

  • Vets, staffs, and trains reviewers
  • Works with you to design and implement an optimal workflow
  • Ensures the right technology is in place to provide streamlined review solutions
  • Review Managers oversee the review process and report daily progress / results
  • Fully integrated with our forensics, processing, hosting, and production services

Learn more about XDD Managed Review eDiscovery services.

Data is just data, but knowledge is power

Regardless of size, data doesn’t possess a lot of value until someone deciphers it. With the exponential growth of eDiscovery data being stored, accessed and reviewed, it’s critical to have the right technology, tools and talent to manage the daunting task. Coupled with compounding compliance issues related to regulations like HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that mandate how organizations must deal with particular types of data – storing and managing your data is more important than ever.

XDD provides a full slate of database management services to help manage and optimize your data. Our highly-skilled database management team can assist with everything from storage to archiving, training and beyond so you can obtain the intelligence you need to complete your matters on time and within budget.

Learn more about XDD Database Management eDiscovery services.

We’re the people behind the technology

Technology is only as good as the people that run it. To ensure consistent communication throughout all phases of your project, XDD maintains top-notch project management and support teams to guide you and provide transparency to the process. In parallel with the XDD brand, our project managers are skilled practitioners that leverage the art and science of communication between people, projects and technology to make projects happen. From start to finish on every matter, you can rest assured that our project management team will provide you with proactive, clear and consistent communication to make sure you projects get completed on time and within budget.

Learn more about XDD Project Management eDiscovery services.

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