Leadership Team – Bob Lorum

Vice President, Marketing, Branding and Lead Generation

Bob Lorum Vice President of Marketing, Branding and Lead GenerationBob Lorum is Vice President of Marketing, Branding and Lead Generation at XDD. Bob directs all worldwide brand strategy, marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, inside sales and online media initiatives. Bob was instrumental in rebranding, repositioning and creating the XDD brand / company 10 years ago as VP of Marketing as the company transitioned from paper to eDiscovery.

Bob rejoined XDD in 2016 as VP of Marketing after a 10-year hiatus mastering his skills in the marketing / advertising industry as President of Marketing Sherpa, a 40-person marketing research firm that taught marketers how to be better marketers. Over the past 5 years, Bob worked as VP of Marketing and Branding for iCONECT and Modus eDiscovery in Washington, DC honing his creative, leadership and strategic skills.

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