Litigation Management


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Beyond core eDiscovery services, XDD’s deep bench of experienced practitioners – including lawyers, paralegals, analytics experts, and more – can provide a wide range of additional litigation management and case preparation services to augment the capabilities of your case team.  From administering legal holds, to deposition prep, to trial exhibits, XDD is there with as much support as you need, right when you need it.

Legal Holds

Effective management of legal holds – including notifications, communications, tracking, and ongoing monitoring – is both essential to successful preservation and an ongoing logistical burden that XDD can shoulder instead.

Data Management

The management of voluminous data – including data entry, data annotation, data verification, data normalization, and more – has become an essential part of many litigation efforts.  XDD can provide everything from creating tracking spreadsheets to normalizing Bates numbering.


The vagaries of electronically-stored information often require legal documents to be precisely transcribed from one format to another (i.e., from PDF to Word).  XDD can provide the reliable transcription of such documents by experienced practitioners.


Depositions are crucial and time-consuming, and XDD’s Depositions service can provide everything from pre-deposition preparation – including document review, binder and timeline preparation, and prior testimony analysis – to post deposition analysis and annotation.

Trial Preparation

Beyond depositions, XDD can also support Trial Preparation efforts, including: analyzing opposing counsel strategy, reviewing opposing depositions for inconsistencies, researching opposing motions, performing fact and cite checking, and preparing exhibits and presentation materials.

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