Experience BlackBar 2.0 Excel Native Redaction Tool with our Friends from ACEDS on Mar 14th


In the world of eDiscovery, everyone knows working with Microsoft Excel files is cumbersome and costly.

Webinar, March 14th at 1 PM EDT

Reintroducing BlackBar 2.0 – Excel Native Redaction Tool from XDD

Due to popular demand and insightful customer feedback, XDD is relaunching BlackBar 2.0, our proprietary Excel Native Redaction Tool that empowers users to redact and produce Microsoft Excel files in native format to minimize time, cost and errors.

Fully integrated into our Relativity review platform, BlackBar 2.0 is a fully defensible process that tracks all actions performed within the system. Its adaptable design fits into different workflows seamlessly, while providing full administrative and redaction functions within an easy to use interface.

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Join XDD Excel Native Redaction Tool expert Patricia Gardner for a 30-45 minute interactive tour through this innovative, proprietary tool.   Patricia will be joined by selected members of the engineering team to answer any detailed questions that may be posed.

BlackBar 2.0 – What You’ll Learn

BlackBar 2.0 features and functions enhance the already powerful tool further, enabling users to perform the following functions:

  • How to natively redact XLS files within the tool
  • How to optimize traditional workflow productions
  • How to produce newly redacted XLS files in Native File Format
  • How to forever banish the need to TIFF XLS files
  • New – How to create “reason color codes” for classifying redaction types
  • New – How to recover redactions via backups
  • New – How to mass prepare and finalize documents in bulk

I’m in – Reserve my Free Webinar Seat Now (You’ll be taken to the ACEDS site for registration)

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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