XDD Webinar – Alphabet Soup: TAR, CAL and Assisted Review

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Alphabet Soup: TAR, CAL and Assisted Review
Wed, Jan 27, 1 PM EDT

Technology-assisted review (TAR) first rose to prominence in the legal industry around 2011 under the name predictive coding.  Over the nine years since, the name predictive coding has largely been abandoned in favor of the more generic name TAR, and TAR has been joined by TAR 2.0 and by CAL, while LSI and PLSA have been joined by SVM and other new acronyms.  And, as TAR’s adoption has grown, case law exploring issues with TAR usage has continued to accumulate.  From 2012’s da Silva Moore, to 2020’s In Re: Mercedes-Benz, courts have wrestled with whether and when TAR is okay, if it can be required, what processes should be employed when it is used, and more.

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All of this rapid technical and legal evolution has made it challenging for practitioners to get a simple handle on TAR and what it means for their matters.  In this free, one-hour educational webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga explores the answers to some of the most common practitioner questions to better equip you to leverage TAR in your matters.  Questions discussed include:

  • What do all those terms mean and which ones do I really need to know?
  • What are the different approaches, and which make sense when?
  • How does TAR’s quality compare to traditional review quality?
  • Do I need permission to use it?  Can I be compelled to use it?
  • Is process transparency required?  Can it be compelled?
  • What about objections and the standard for results?
  • What about using search terms before TAR?

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