XDD Webinar – Time to Make the Donuts: Processing Fundamentals

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Time to Make the Donuts – Processing Fundamentals

As ESI has become the norm in discovery, competence with technology has become an essential part of being an effective legal practitioner, and ESI processing for discovery is another of the areas in which legal practitioners need some knowledge to fulfill their duty of technology competence.

Although it is often given short shrift compared to the steps that come before it (preservation and collection) and after it (ECA and review), effective processing is critical to the success of those downstream steps and includes a variety of important technical decisions that can have substantive effects.

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With both source types and average volumes increasing, it is more important than ever for practitioners to understand the realities of processing ESI for discovery.

In this free, one-hour webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, and XDD Director of eDiscovery Operations Management Brent Westenfelt will review the fundamentals legal practitioners need to know about processing, including:

  • Essential steps and tools
  • Common errors and special cases
  • De-NISTing and deduplication
  • Content filtering options
  • Potential additional steps

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