Episode 3 // July 1, 2019

#03 First Chair – Mike Gutierrez on Discovery from Slack

In January, Slack announced it had surpassed 10,000,000 daily active users and was used by 65 of the Fortune 100 – and it achieved all that growth in less than five years. In this episode, XDD Director of Forensic Services Mike Gutierrez discusses what practitioners need to know about preservation and collection in Slack and other cloud-based collaboration tools like it.

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Episode 2 // June 10, 2019

#02 First Chair – Paul Laven and Chris Chapman on TAR 2.0

Since its rise to prominence almost a decade ago, technology-assisted review tools and workflows have continually evolved: from categorization, to predictive coding, to the new active learning approaches often referred to as TAR 2.0. In this episode, XDD Senior Director of Relativity Analytics Paul Laven and XDD Director of Relativity Analytics Chris Chapman discuss those new approaches to assisted review.

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Episode 1 // April 26, 2019

#01 First Chair – Bob Polus on Industry Evolution

In less than two decades, the eDiscovery industry has gone from birth to a market in excess of $10 billion. In our inaugural episode of the First Chair Podcast, Bob Polus, the original founder and current President and CEO of Xact Data Discovery, joins us to offer a wide-angle view of the discovery services industry’s evolution, from birth to today.

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