Xact Data Discovery HIPAA Administrator Achieves HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert Certification

Xact Data Discovery HIPAA Administrator Achieves HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert Certification

Mission, Kansas, May 23, 2011 – Xact Data Discovery (XDD), an international leading provider of data discovery and management services to law firms, corporations and government agencies is proud to announce that its internal HIPPA Compliance Officer, Keri Grimmett, has become a Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert (CHPSE).  Xact Data Discovery has held HIPPA Certified Business Associate status and maintained a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) on staff since 2010.

“As a Certified Business Associate, XDD is already compliant with the regulations in all areas of HIPAA and we ensure that all personal health information both electronic and paper (EPHI and PHI) is protected as we process data for our clients”, said Bob Polus, Xact Data Discovery President and CEO.  “With the volume of work in this arena expanding, however, we believed it essential that our HIPAA Compliance Officer achieve the higher certification of HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert (CHPSE) status.”

As XDD’s HIPAA Compliance Officer, Keri Grimmett, Corporate Controller, has worked with HIPAA and PHI for 8+ years.  Before joining Xact, Keri held key roles in the Employee Benefits industry which provided solid foundational  HIPAA experience before achieving this official certification.

Xact Data Discovery (XDD) is an international Data Discovery and Management company providing streamlined Forensic, Processing, Hosting, Document Review, Project Management, Imaging & Coding and Paper Discovery services to law firms, corporations and government agencies.  At Xact Data Discovery, communication is everything—because clients need to know where their data is throughout the entire discovery life cycle—as well as understand the valuable information and knowledge they can obtain from it.

Through its international presence and ongoing technical training for clients, XDD streamlines the complex communication processes between people, technology and data by orchestrating proactive, clear and consistent communication throughout all project phases.   Via the company’s personable “human-interface” approach, XDD helps clients and their customers find, produce, understand and use information crucial to their organizations.

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