Xact Data Discovery Recertified at kCura’s Orange-level Relativity Best in Service Designation

Xact Data Discovery Recertified at kCura’s Orange-level Relativity Best in Service Designation

Recognition underscores XDD’s commitment to exceptional client service

Jan. 29, 2016 — Xact Data Discovery announces that it has achieved recertification at kCura’s Orange-level Relativity Best in Service designation for outstanding and exceptional customer service for Relativity end users.

XDD delivers a full suite of streamlined discovery services including forensics, e-discovery processing, Relativity hosting, no-cost project management and managed review services. An industry pioneer, XDD has built its reputation on attention to client communication and providing exceptional customer service, for which it is known and trusted by clients nationwide. XDD emphasizes employee training and certification to ensure its staff exceeds expectations for knowledge and expertise with respect to leveraging technology such as Relativity and with its keen focus on client service.

The company recently acquired Orange Legal Technologies, which includes OrangeLT’s proprietary technology. Its native Excel redaction tool allows users to redact large and often cumbersome Excel documents with greater speed, consistency and accuracy than traditional redaction tools. XDD plans to leverage the redaction tool along with Relativity to further improve its data analysis capabilities and deliver even more customized solutions to address specific client needs.

Through a voluntary audit, Relativity Best in Service partners like XDD demonstrate their expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity. Three areas are scrutinized when kCura evaluates these partners’ individual data centers: technical infrastructure, customer service and product expertise. Additionally, Best in Service partners meet a set of requirements for duration as a hosting partner, size of Relativity installations and core Relativity certifications.

There are two designations for Best in Service partners’ data centers: Orange and Blue. While both signify data centers that provide a quality Relativity experience, Orange-level sites have made additional investments in people, processes and technology to manage installations with above-average user counts – all while maintaining the high standards of Best in Service.

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