Import, Review and Process Mobile Device Data to Optimize Review Results

Mobile devices contain a wealth of information that may be relevant to your litigation or investigation.  However, reviewing and analyzing the data is typically cumbersome, challenging and costly for attorneys and litigation support managers.  Spreadsheets and PDF reports don’t illustrate full communications, who’s involved or how information flows between channels.  In addition, these reports are virtually useless in Relativity or other review platforms your team might use.

XDD’s QMobile Software Solution

XDD QMobile is on online software application that enables users to import, review, organize and process cumbersome mobile device data into easy to comprehend intelligence via a customized dashboard to optimize review results.

QMobile is the bridge between mobile device data collection and your review platform.  It connects the two seamlessly so you can review mobile data as easily as the custodian created it.  Custom scripts, created by our forensics experts, process data in a way that allows us to create load files that easily import into Relativity or other review platforms.

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  • Identify and follow conversations as they move between mobile communication platforms
  • Text, phone numbers and recipient information are extracted and standardized so searches can be performed across all fields with results grouped and sorted
  • Messages can be redacted and produced the same way as non-mobile data
  • Create custom dashboards and views in Relativity that make the data user-friendly
  • Message threading
  • Conversation view with in-line attachments
  • Visualizations by conversation, date, etc.
  • Filters to recognize patterns between participants, message types and topics
  • Parent/child relationships are maintained
  • Responsive to Relativity Analytics


  • Keyword expansion
  • Foreign language identification
  • Clustering
  • Concept searching

Defensibility & Authentication

Our highly experienced forensic examiners use best practice collection tools, so your mobile device data is defensible and satisfy the requirements of amended FRE 902.

Data Types

Review conversations from a single custodian or multiple custodians across a range of communication platforms, including:

  • Text messages (SMS, MMS)
  • Chats (iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc)
  • Call logs and voicemails

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Experience XDD’s QMobile Software Solution Via Online Demo

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