Free Webinar – Mobile Device Forensics – Beyond the Cell Phone

Wed, June 22 at 1 PM EDT

As mobile device technology usage continues to expand exponentially, so must legal practitioners’ understanding and compliance with multiple types of mobile devices.

Join presenter Scott Polus, XDD Director of Forensics, on Wed, June 22nd at 1 PM EDT for a free 1-hour webinar discussing what mobile device forensics is, how it works and what’s included to help you optimize your Mobile Forensics practices.

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In parallel with citing recent case law, Scott will emphasize that “mobile” includes “more” than just cell phones, and that legal teams need to understand the details, differences and processes. Scott will also provide basic how-to instructions for conducting mobile forensics, along with a questionnaire.

What You’ll Learn

  • Mobile device sources
  • Where the data lives and dies
  • Collection and production solutions
  • How-to instructions

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We look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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