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Partron – Chuck Heath Jr. – General Manager of Hawk Consultants LLC
Dec 23, 2020

This week’s guest is Chuck Heath Jr. Chuck is the General Manager of Hawk Consultants LLC in the great state of Alaska. Chuck has an interesting story. He was a gold miner in the historic town of Skagway, which was a famous mining area that came to prominence during the historic gold rush of 1896 – 1899.

Chuck’s passion brought him up to Nome, Alaska where he mined gold in the Bering Sea. He worked with the Discovery Channel to unofficially create and launch the hit show, “Bering Sea Gold.” Chuck is the author of two books and one was a NY Times best seller. He’s on the board of the American Heart Association and the Alaska Alliance.

The most intriguing “Easter egg” here is his sister was the mayor of Wasilla, AK, only to became governor 10 years later, and shortly thereafter she was tapped as a Vice Presidential nominee in 2008. Chuck unpacks the overnight impact of the aforementioned on his family, and discusses oil and gas industry and ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) opening up oil leases.

A side note: ANWR boasts an estimated 16 billion barrels of oil which could open up another oil boom in Alaska. Refreshingly, politics were evaded, and Chuck walks us through gold mining and his interaction with the producers at the Discovery Channel. Lastly Chuck gives us his expert thoughts on protecting the environment while harvesting the natural resources that make up 90% of Alaska’s economy.

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