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SideBar™ is a virtual meeting place that brings together legal minds to discuss topics of interest in casual, short video format.  Tended by XDD Legal Mixologist, Josh Peterson, SideBar inspires genuine, 5-minute conversations about the things that really matter behind the matters – about life, people and law.

Hosted virtually in a friendly, bar-like atmosphere twice per month, SideBar provides legal practitioners with a cool, professional place to hang out, express their thoughts and build their personal brands.

SideBar  – Where everybody knows your game

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Interview with John Maley, Senior Litigation Partner at Barnes & Thornburg
Feb 9, 2021

This week’s guest is John Maley. Mr. Maley is a senior litigation partner at Barnes & Thornburg. A trusted advisor based in Indianapolis, John’s practice boasts 33 years of excellence in international litigation. He is a seasoned trial attorney who has chaired the prestigious southern district of Indiana local rules committee for 25 years. Additionally, John serves on his firm’s technology and pro bono committees. John’s also an active community leader serving as a volunteer track and cross country coach at Brebeuf Jesuit High School.

In 2008, John and his wife Vivian suffered a devastating loss when their son Joseph passed away. Born in 1990, Joseph led an inspirational life that worked to overcome multiple disabilities including, but not limited to non-verbal cerebral palsy. At age 15, Joseph was diagnosed with leukemia and bravely fought to live 3 more years. In this moving story, John gives us a look into the strength of character that became the bedrock of The Joseph Maley Foundation. To hear John tell it, Joseph touched everyone and continues to do so today. Determined to carry the torch of Joseph’s legacy, John and more specifically his wife Vivian, run The Joseph Maley foundation which has reached and impacted a staggering 100,000 people in central Indiana and beyond.

John’s love for sports and competition is evident. He shares an anecdote about an interaction he had with the Harlem Globe Trotters as an under-sized 8-year-old in Richmond, Indiana.  Back in the day, the Globetrotters were routinely aired nationally on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. As fate would have it, John was selected to compete against the traveling professionals, and scored 4 points! Sports have a funny way of imitating life sometimes, and this was no different as the shortest kid in his class was destined to do what many can only dream of. Two unlikely scenarios embody this interview: An undersized kid achieving a dream in front of a packed ar0ena, and later young boy who manages to impact 100,000 lives despite being saddled with disability and a life cut way too short. As you watch this video one thing will be clear, the Maley family embodies excellence. To become involved in the Joseph Maley Foundation, please visit the Joseph Maley Foundation website.


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