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Collection and the Duty of Technology Competence – Collection Fundamentals Series, Part 1

As electronically-stored information (ESI) has become the norm, as computers and mobile devices have proliferated, and as eDiscovery tools have multiplied, competence with technology has become an essential part of being an effective legal practitioner.  Since 2012, that practical requirement has been slowly becoming a formal one.

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10 Reasons More Attorneys Should Consider Document Review

Document review gets a bad rap sometimes. But many attorneys are finding compelling reasons to perform this work, either temporarily or long-term. XDD’s Liz Letak shares 10 benefits to keep in mind if you are considering attorney review work.

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Archiving, Release, and Destruction of Information – The Importance of Information Governance as Preparation for Successful E-Discovery Series, Part 4

The governance of information addresses all aspects of its life cycle, and no stage is more important than this final phase. Data volumes continue to rise at an increased velocity, with 90 percent of all information having been created in the last two years. Keeping, archiving, cataloging and leveraging legacy data has been a solid and acceptable practice for nearly ever. While the storage of data becomes less expensive, the real issue is whether or not it is safe to hold on to unwanted and unneeded information. If the properly authorized destruction of data significantly reduces the risk associated with keeping data, shouldn’t it then be destroyed? Read on to learn more.

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Xact Data Discovery Upgrades to Tier 4 Data Center

September 15, 2015 – XDD upgrades to Tier 4 data center; new facility offers greater security and increased capacity to support growth of the company’s e-discovery processing and hosting services

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Forensic Overview of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have changed from a frivolous luxury item to an essential life tool in short order for the majority of people today. XDD Director of Forensic Services, Scott Polus, shares some considerations and helpful tips when preparing/collecting data from mobile devices.

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Hey…You…Get Off of That Cloud

Managing and storing data in the cloud can be the most cost-effective solution for many; however, serious due diligence is required to ensure that all data is protected and to guarantee eDiscovery best practices.

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What’s New in Relativity 9.1

Relativity 9.1 includes some key new features. This blog post from Carl Chivers shares what you need to know!

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Xact Data Discovery Opens Palo Alto Location

June 9, 2015 – XDD opens new office to serve clients in the greater Bay Area.

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Xact Data Discovery Achieves Record Growth

May 26, 2015 – XDD achieves record growth, exceeding expectations for revenue in multiple service offerings for the third consecutive year.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Document Review Travel: Why Legal Process Offshoring Might be Right for You

Offshore legal services offer significant savings in terms of both time and money, and, when managed correctly, can yield excellent results.

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Computer Forensics Examiners and Private Investigation Licensing

Most agree that computer forensics examiners should be certified and licensed in some capacity, but should they be required to hold a PI license?

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Managed Review – A Recipe for Success

The simple purpose of managed review is one of efficiency, cost savings and having a dedicated e-discovery project manager lead a team of attorneys through a document review project. Know the basic ingredients that will make a managed review project successful.

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