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Finding Your Discovery and Document Management Soul Mate

Modern litigation has gotten technologically complex, and in many cases, it makes more sense to let the “experts” handle the e-discovery side of things. Of course, this is only true if the vendor understands what you want and can produce those results.

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Time for Small and Midsize Firms to Win Big Clients and Big Cases

With e-discovery tools becoming increasingly affordable, smaller firms have access to the same technologies employed by large law firms ‒ or sometimes even better ones. Small and midsize firms are better positioned to compete for large clients than ever before.

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Xact Data Discovery Achieves Record Growth in Offshore Review Business

Recent investments yield significant year-over-year revenue increase for Xact’s offshore review business.

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Attorney Emily E. Collins Joins Xact Data Discovery

September 18, 2014 – Xact Data Discovery announces attorney Emily Collins is the company’s newest legal project manager, leading managed review operations in Kansas City.

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The Self-Collection Conundrum

The dangers of corporate self-collection of data during litigation are well-documented. While the pracitce is fraught with potential problems, is self-collection necessarily a bad thing? Is it worth it? Should internal resources ever be used? Because each matter is different, it’s helpful to consider a variety of issues before formulating a plan.

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Xact Data Discovery Expands to Atlanta

August 26, 2014 – Xact Data Discovery opens Atlanta office to support growth in the Southeast U.S. XDD’s full suite of both paper and electronic discovery services are available in the new location in downtown Atlanta.

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Combating Big Data with Cost-Effective TAR

Why use Technology Assisted Review (TAR)? Saving review costs is a big reason, but improved resource management is a key benefit.

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XDD Opens Southern California Location

August 18, 2014 – XDD expands into Southern California; new office in Century City offers XDD’s full suite of e-discovery services

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Death of the TIFF Image – Part Two

Questions about native file productions? This follow up article discusses various scenarios that may arise when shifting from TIFF images.

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Reining in Litigation Costs with a Strategic Partnership and a Data Policy

In this era of Big Data, companies can take steps to reduce the costs of defending themselves in litigation.

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Death of the TIFF Image?

Just as it was in the days of paper when teams were forced into TIFF review, we are now at a crossroads regarding the creation of TIFF productions as opposed to native productions. Productions in TIFF format have become the standard, but TIFF processing and production is expensive. So will TIFF remain the standard?

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Xact Data Discovery Opens Second Review Center

March 11, 2014 – XDD has announced the opening of its second dedicated review center, located in Detroit, Michigan. The expansion supports XDD’s domestic document review and managed review businesses, which have seen explosive growth in the first quarter of 2014.

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