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Whether basic or advanced, obtaining ongoing eDiscovery training should be an important component of all legal practitioners’ lives.  As part of XDD’s commitment to educating our customers, employees and markets, we offer a variety of training assets in multiple formats including; webinars, articles, white papers and beyond.

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Join XDD for the following upcoming events to improve your overall EQ (i.e. eDiscovery Quotient).  As part of our overall educational series of training assets, XDD will be offering monthly webinars, typically held on the 3rd Wednesday of each prospective month. Check back often as new content and opportunities will be available every month.


Recent Articles

What TAR Process Results Are Objectionable?, Assisted Review Series Part 7

As we have just seen, process objections are supposed to be based on actual deficiencies in actual results. So, what results are deficient enough to be objectionable? We have previously discussed the academic studies showing that traditional human review is far from perfect and that technology-assisted review approaches can be at least as effective, if not more so, but that doesn’t really answer the question. How good is good enough?

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When Is the Right Time for TAR Process Objections?, Assisted Review Series Part 6

We have seen in the cases where the decision of whether or not to use a TAR approach generally rests with the producing parties. Requesting parties cannot stop them from using a TAR approach if they wish to, or make them use a TAR approach if they don’t wish to. What if a requesting party has concerns, though, about the specifics of a producing party’s TAR process? When can TAR process objections be raised and what case law supports them?

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Can You Be Compelled to Use TAR?, Assisted Review Series Part 5

Not long after da Silva Moore became the first case in which the use of TAR was judicially approved, Kleen Products became the first case in which a requesting party tried to compel a responding party to utilize a TAR approach. Since that time, numerous courts have addressed the question and have concluded that one party cannot compel another to use TAR – but a judge might direct its use in certain situations.

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CLE Training

As part of our overall educational series, XDD offers a variety of training assets that qualify (or “may” qualify) for CLE credits. To learn more about XDD CLE Training, please visit the CLE Training section of our website.


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