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Whether basic or advanced, obtaining ongoing eDiscovery training should be an important component of all legal practitioners’ lives.  As part of XDD’s commitment to educating our customers, employees and markets, we offer a variety of training assets in multiple formats including; webinars, articles, white papers and beyond.

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Upcoming Training Events

Join XDD for the following upcoming events to improve your overall EQ (i.e. eDiscovery Quotient).  As part of our overall educational series of training assets, XDD will be offering monthly webinars, typically held on the 3rd Wednesday of each prospective month. Check back often as new content and opportunities will be available every month.


Recent Articles

In the Beginning, Identification and Preservation Fundamentals Series Part 1

We turn our attention now to the first and most fundamental phases of an electronic discovery effort: identification and preservation. As we have seen in numerous contexts, ESI spoliation remains a frequent issue, hence the importance of these phases in an eDiscovery effort: almost every other type of failure can be fixed with adequate time and money, but once unique, relevant ESI is gone, it’s gone.

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Quality Control Fundamentals, Review Fundamentals Series Part 6

The final and most important fundamental of review to understand is quality control. No matter what you’re reviewing, what you’re reviewing it for, who’s reviewing it, or how you’re reviewing it, you will need to take proactive steps to ensure the overall quality and consistency of that work. Perfection isn’t possible (and isn’t required), but reasonable efforts to meet your obligations of completeness, accuracy, and privilege protection are both.

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More Workflow Design Considerations, Review Fundamentals Series Part 5

In the last Part, we reviewed important considerations for making decisions about document flow and tagging palettes for your document review effort. In this Part, we conclude our workflow design considerations discussion with a look at batch creation and at tracking, reporting, and documentation.

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CLE Training

As part of our overall educational series, XDD offers a variety of training assets that qualify (or “may” qualify) for CLE credits. To learn more about XDD CLE Training, please visit the CLE Training section of our website.


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