XDD Webinar – An Ounce of Prevention: eDiscovery Project Planning

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An Ounce of Prevention: eDiscovery Project Planning
Wed, April 27, 1 PM EST

We have a lot of maxims about the value of preparation, and perhaps the most well-known is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which comes from a letter on the importance of fire safety that Benjamin Franklin published anonymously in the Pennsylvania Gazette in the early 18th century.  As any experienced eDiscovery practitioner can confirm, being forced to risk your neck jumping out the window of a burning house, because of something tiny you missed while hurrying around earlier, can be a pretty good analogy for the eDiscovery experience. 

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As Franklin’s letter and the other maxims tell us, the reliable way to reduce the risk of such errors is to take the time for proper planning before rushing headlong to action.  To be sure, planning an eDiscovery project is an iterative process that overlaps and intersects with other early project activities, but investing the time and effort required for effective planning, from the beginning (and throughout those early phases), will produce downstream benefits including saved time, saved money, reduced risk, and increased defensibility.  The clichés became clichés for a reason.

In this free, one-hour webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga and XDD Vice President of eDiscovery Operations Sean King, will discuss various aspects of effective eDiscovery project planning – including checklists for each step – to equip you with the knowledge you need to reduce your chaos, your costs, and your risks. Topics covered will include:

  • How to scope a new project
  • How to investigate the details
  • How to define project roles
  • How to coordinate communication

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