XDD Webinar – Because You Need to Know: 2020 Year-in-Review

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Wed, Dec, 16th 1PM EDT

Happy holidays, and congratulations on making it to the end of 2020!

That’s even more of an achievement this year than most.  In 2020, the eDiscovery industry, like the legal industry as a whole, has been rocked by unprecedented upheaval, as practitioners have had to adapt to remote work, distributed teams, virtual trials, and more.  Despite all of this, the eDiscovery and legal industries have pressed on, and there are new cases, rule changes, reference materials, and more from this year that practitioners need to know.

Throughout the year, XDD has been rounding up these industry news stories, noteworthy cases, and more in our monthly “Because You Need to Know” posts, and to finish out the year, we are once again putting on a special year-in-review program discussing the biggest developments and most interesting cases from across 2020.

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In this free, one-hour educational webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, will review highlights from 2020, including:

  • 2020 cases addressing a range of topics
  • Interesting industry news stories and useful new publications
  • XDD’s 2020 educational program topics and results

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