XDD Webinar – Clearing the Fog of War: ECA Fundamentals

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Wed, July 24th, 1 PM EDT

In the nineteenth century, the phrase “fog of war” was adopted as a shorthand description for the uncertainty surrounding key factors affecting military decisions, and this apt metaphor has remained in wide use to the present day, applied in every context from business to video games.  The fog of war is also fitting shorthand for the state of uncertainty that exists early in a new legal matter.  Whether you are gearing up for litigation, an agency enforcement action, or an internal investigation, you are faced with potential conflict and liability shrouded in a fog of uncertainty: what are the underlying facts?  What evidence might exist?  What are the legal and financial risks?

Early case assessment, fundamentally, is the process of trying to clear some of the fog of uncertainty around the answers to these questions and others like them.  As litigation has evolved in the eDiscovery era, however, so too has the scope of what’s included in ECA.  Three distinct goals are now lumped under this one name: traditional early case assessment, early data assessment, and downstream activity preparation.  The intersection of these three connected-but-distinct goals can make the ECA phase of an eDiscovery effort a confusing one for practitioners.

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Join Bill Anderson, XDD VP of eDiscovery Operations, and Paul Laven, XDD Sr. Director of Relativity Analytics, on Wed, July 24th at 1 PM EDT for a free 1-hour webinar reviewing the fundamentals legal practitioners need to know when performing effective ECA in the context of eDiscovery.  Topics will include:

  • The (3) goals of ECA
  • Sampling, searching, and filtering
  • Threading, duplicates and analytics
  • Integrated ECA workflows

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