XDD Webinar – Everything in Moderation: Proportionality in eDiscovery

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Wed, May 29 at 1 PM EDT

On December 1, 2015, the most significant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure became effective since the 2006 amendments that made the era of electronically-stored information official.  Among the rules revised was Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”) 26(b)(1), which defines the scope of discovery.  The change brought the existing-but-overlooked concept of proportionality front and center in an attempt to combat the runaway cost and scale of discovery in the digital era.

This amended version now incorporates a multi-factor proportionality test directly into the general discovery scope definition and places “proportional” on equal footing with “relevant” as a discoverability criteria.

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So, in the three years since this amendment became effective, has the role of proportionality in discovery actually changed?  How are courts applying the multi-factor proportionality test now enshrined in FRCP 26(b)(1)?  Have objections based on proportionality been successful?

In this free webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, will explore the answers to these questions and the evolving role of proportionality in discovery through a topical survey that includes:

  • The specific changes made to FRCP 26(b)(1)
  • Numerous proportionality decisions from 2016-2019
  • Key takeaways from that available case law
  • Guidance on incorporating proportionality

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