XDD Webinar – Experience the New XDD-360 Technology Suite

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Wed, Aug 26, 1 PM EST

As eDiscovery continues to evolve, so too must the technology practitioners use to accomplish it. Unfortunately, with all the disparate technology solutions available in the market today, it has become challenging for practitioners to determine what to use, when to use it, and how to connect it to everything else. The new XDD-360 Technology Suite addresses these challenges by providing clients with an end-to-end technology solution comprised of multiple, individual technology systems integrated into one, unified suite. XDD-360 accelerates and optimizes both clients’ eDiscovery activities and XDD’s eDiscovery services, from lightning fast ESI processing to AI-driven managed review.

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In this free, one-hour program, XDD Vice President of Product Management Drew Stern and several XDD technology product experts will introduce the XDD-360 Technology Suite and its benefits, including:

  • XDD-Secure – assures a safe, secure environment that’s SOC2 compliant
  • XEDD Processing – unlocks lightning fast processing and secure hosting
  • XPM Project Management – enables tech-driven client management and communications
  • XDD Esquify – powers XDD Managed Review with proprietary AI- technology and analytics suite
  • XDD Blackbar – accelerates and automates native Excel redaction
  • XDD-Mobile – streamlines mobile processing and discovery
  • XDD-View – provides robust data-visualizations on your eDiscovery progress
  • XDD-PrivAlert – automates the privilege process
  • XDD-Analytics – maximizes the power of AI and technology assisted review

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