XDD Webinar – Experience XDD Esquify Managed Review Technology Via Webinar Demo 

Wed, June 26, 1 PM EDT


At XDD, Managed Document Review Services comprise more than just teams of talented attorneys reviewing hundreds of documents.  Our highly-skilled teams apply the latest technologies, optimized workflow processes and collaborative communication protocols to ensure projects are delivered accurately, on time and within budget.

XDD Integrates and Launches New Esquify Managed Review Management Technology

The most recent addition to XDD’s technologies for managed review is Esquify, the world’s first AI-driven workforce management platform for legal projects.  The incorporation of Esquify adds powerful productivity, benchmarking and analytics tools that enable real-time manager oversight, optimization of managed review team performance and identification of actionable insights to increase project efficiency and quality.

I’m in – Reserve my Free Webinar Seat Now (Note – you will be taken to the ACEDS website to RSVP)

Join us on Wednesday, June 26th, at 1:00 PM EDT for a free, one hour program demonstrating the capabilities of Esquify and the ways they enhance XDD’s Managed Document Review Services.  Co-presented with our partners at ACEDS, the demo program will be led by Esquify founder and XDD VP Drew Stern and will cover topics including:

  • The relationship between technology and managed review outcomes
  • The managed review technologies leveraged at XDD
  • A demonstration of Esquify and its capabilities
  • A discussion of ways Esquify empowers teams and enhances review
I’m in – Reserve my Free Webinar Seat Now (Note – you will be taken to the ACEDS website to RSVP)

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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