XDD Webinar – Gone Viral: Social Media in eDiscovery

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Gone Viral: Social Media in eDiscovery

As a review of almost any day’s news will demonstrate, social media remains an influential, indispensable part of American life – for better or for worse.  Our usage of social media has grown dramatically over the past fifteen years, and our high rate of usage has continued, without abatement, “despite a long stretch of controversies over privacy, fake news and censorship on social media.”  Moreover, as social media has been working its way ever deeper into our relationships, our professional activities, and our culture as a whole, its impact on discovery has been growing as well.

Starting around 2015, the frequency with which relevant evidence was found in social media sources began to spike dramatically, and in 2015, the first explicit reference to social media appeared in the FRCP, as part of the Advisory Committee’s Notes to the December 2015 Amendments.  Since then, thousands of new cases involving social media evidence have appeared each year, and a majority of law firms have handled at least some cases involving such evidence.  Unfortunately, the nature, diversity, and volume of social media data continue to present a variety of technical and legal challenges for practitioners.

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In this free, one-hour educational webinar – newly updated for 2020, XDD Director of Education Mathew Verga, JD, will review the things practitioners need to know about dealing with social media in eDiscovery, including:

  • What sources there are
  • What data those sources contain
  • How that data can be collected
  • How it can be authenticated
  • Issues of ethics, reliability, and more

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