XDD Webinar – Hold On: Get a Grip On Conducting Effective Legal Holds

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Hold On: Get a Grip On Conducting Effective Legal Holds
Wed, May 26, 1 PM EDT

As the world of eDiscovery expands to include mobile devices, social media, collaboration tools, and more, understanding and conducting effective legal holds is more critical than ever.  Done properly, legal holds set the stage for efficient and accurate matter management.  Conducted without direction, legal holds can become a minefield for litigants.

Legal holds remain a common source of issues for litigants, particularly with regard to the spoliation that can follow an ineffective or nonexistent legal hold and the question of whether reasonable efforts to preserve were taken.  From not covering the right materials, to not covering the right people, to not notifying the right third-party service providers, ineffective legal holds can trigger a host of headaches for litigants and clients alike.

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In this free, educational webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, will provide you with information to help you navigate that minefield, meet those challenges and achieve effective legal holds for your organization.

What You’ll Learn

  • The duty of preservation and its triggers
  • The elements of an effective legal hold
  • Processes and policies for effective execution
  • Options for hold issuance and tracking

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