XDD Webinar – The Next Frontier: Discovery from Collaboration Tools

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Wed, September 30, 1 PM EST

For several years now, use of the workplace collaboration and messaging tools have been growing exponentially, first augmenting and then starting to supplant email usage within many organizations. Less than a year after its 2013 launch, Slack became the fastest-growing workplace software ever, and by January 2019, Slack had surpassed 10,000,000 daily active users and was used by 65 of the Fortune 100.  Slack’s immense popularity has even led to a variety of new, competing offerings such as Microsoft’s Teams, which is integrated into Microsoft 365.  By November 2019, Teams had already surpassed 20 million daily active users.  And now, our new era of remote work is only increasing adoption and usage.

With such widespread usage, cloud-based collaboration tools like Slack and Teams have started to become a common source for the discovery of relevant materials.  So, just what sorts of materials are in these platforms?  How can those materials be preserved and collected?  What special challenges do these platforms and their data present?

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In this free, one-hour educational webinar, XDD Director of Forensics, Mike Gutierrez will discuss the answers to these questions and others to provide eDiscovery practitioners with the knowledge they need to address these sources in their own eDiscovery matters, including:

  • Available materials and metadata
  • ESI formats and their implications
  • Available preservation and collection options
  • How subscription levels affect your choices
  • Post-collection challenges

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