XDD “Because You Need to Know Fireside Chat” – Jan 14, 2019 Company Meeting


Happy New Year!

To kick-off 2019 together, please take a moment to RSVP for our 2nd XDD “Because You Need to Know” Fireside Chat on Monday, Jan 14th at 11 AM EDT.  To keep you abreast of things you need to know, a select group of executive and leadership team members will walk you through the following topics in this engaging 30-minute session.

  1. Review last quarter’s “communication” survey results and correlating action plans
  2. Introduce Esquify, our recent company acquisition to the company in detail
  3. Discuss additional exciting things happening at XDD to start the new year

We hope you can make it as it promises to be a powerful 30-minute webinar.

I’m in – Reserve my Fireside Chat Seat Now

Take care.

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