Workforce Management Technology to Optimize Managed Review Results

XDD’s Esquify Workforce Management Platform provides review managers with powerful productivity, benchmarking and analytics tools to monitor and optimize review team performance. Esquify’s patented, proprietary technology improves review accuracy, enables real-time manager oversight and highlights actionable insights to increase document review results.

  • Patented technology delivers real-time, cross-task insights and augments XDD Managed Review team capabilities to maximize results
  • Productivity tools optimize reviewer work productivity to ensure projects are delivered accurately, on time and within budget
  • Actionable analytics on managed review performance, review quality and productivity to drive team accountability and efficiency
  • Built-in communication and collaboration tools to streamline XDD review team communication, training and expertise
  • XDD review teams are incented W2 attorneys, eligible for our XDD 401K program and held accountable with Esquify technology
  • Best-in-class hosting, data security and Relativity integrated with XDD technology solutions suite

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XDD’s Esquify Managed Review Workforce Management Platform featured at NY Times Square NASDAQ closing bell.

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XDD Managed Review Services 

XDD Managed Document Review Services are provided by highly-skilled teams who apply the latest technologies, optimized workflow processes and collaborative communication protocols to ensure your projects are delivered accurately, on time and within budget.

Empowered with Esquify Workforce Management Platform, XDD’s team of seasoned attorneys across multiple disciplines, provide clients with flexible, on-demand, scalable expertise customized for each individual project.

  • Bar-licensed, highly-qualified attorneys in multiple disciplines
  • Review centers in Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Miami, Indianapolis and Ft. Lauderdale
  • 100% defensible review procedures
  • Skilled practitioners in XDD Esquify Workforce Management Platform
  • Fully-customizable issue and tagging palettes
  • Technology solutions for review efficiencies
  • Case and review consultation
  • Multi-stage QC process of review decisions
  • Dedicated project managers assigned to each case
  • Customized workflow design and implementation
  • Scalable staff to flex with project needs as they evolve
  • Reviewers trained and skilled with kCura Relativity and XDD BlackBar
  • Hands-on management teams to optimize processes and report results
  • Fully integrated with XDD forensics, processing, hosting and production

XDD Managed Review Locations

XDD Managed Service teams are physically located in Chicago, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Miami, Indianapolis and Ft. Lauderdale providing services to customers nationwide.  Scalable to 500+ seats nationwide, our managed review teams are comprised of seasoned, highly-trained attorneys in multiple fields, savvy with document review and the technologies that optimize the processes.

Esquify Awards and Recognition

Over the past few years, Esquify has been recognized, awarded and written about by multiple industry thought-leaders.

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