Happy Holidays!

Vote for Your (3) Favorite XDD Holiday Cards.

In preparation for the holidays, please take a moment to view and vote for your favorite XDD holiday cards.  Since there are so many fun ones to choose from (Ok, 24 to be exact, I was on a roll), you can select up to (3) total cards via the form below.  Each “holiday” concept follows our brand brand personality with an eDiscovery twist.  I created about 15 new ones this year, mixed in with some adapted ones from previous years.

Note – we’ll only be selecting (1) concept to be printed in a bi-fold card based on popular vote.  However, to supplement the print cards, we’ll also be sending out “eCards” on your behalf via email from which you can use whatever concept you want.  We’ll ping you separate on that later.

Voting Instructions

  • Scroll down to view each concept
  • Select up to 3 favorite cards via the checkbox form below

Once all votes are in:

  • We’ll let you know which one wins
  • We’ll ping you to see how many bi-fold printed holiday cards you want
  • We’ll print, then ship to your address
  • You can then personalize, send and / or give them to anyone you want

Have fun!




XDD Holiday Cards - 2019

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