XDD Mission, Vision, Strategy, Values and Pillars

As you know, at XDD, communication is everything – internally, externally and in between.  As we evolve our company together, it’s paramount that everyone at XDD clearly understands our vision for the future – as well as your role in it, so we can forge forward as a synchronized machine.  Regardless of role, title or tenure, each and every person at XDD is an important cog in the machine, critical to our overall success.

Hence, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following information defining our company mission, vision, strategy, values and pillars forged jointly by your Executive and Leadership teams.  XDD information provided in red font, general definitions in black.

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Why we do what we do

Explore, discover and reveal the truth

Mission defines what we do – and more importantly, why we do it.  In other words, what are we really trying to accomplish at XDD?   What inspires us?   Why do we get up in the morning to do what we do?  What’s the bigger, overarching picture that we strive to achieve with all the little and big things we focus on each day?   What’s the end-game?

Mission is the real reason we do what we do – a blend of emotional and rational goals we aim to achieve from a 30,000 foot perspective.  In short, at XDD, we “explore, discover and reveal the truth” for our customers and selves every day.

How we want to be seen and perceived 

Be the world’s most trusted partner of leading law firms and corporations by redefining our industry through unparalleled customer service, proven technology and innovative thought leadership

Vision defines how we want to been perceived, recognized and known for in the industry as we strive to complete the overarching “mission”.  It defines what we do (services), who we do it for (target markets) and what makes us the best at it – in short making us unique in the minds of our target audiences.

While “mission” defines the big picture from a 30,000 foot perspective, “vision” supports it from a 5,000 foot perspective, acting as quantifiable guiding light to focus our skills and services into a powerful company that others will recognize.

How we are going to get there

Through organic growth, innovation, hard work, and acquisition, create the most comprehensive set of services and technologies in the LPO industry

Strategy provides an actionable blueprint defining “how” we will achieve our vision and mission.  It provides a clear set of quantifiable and qualitative goals coupled with associated tasks to achieve them.  Strategy can encompasses multiple business facets – financial, product, service, market, etc., each focused on producing positive results individually and collectively.

Performed by multiple teams with individual department plans, an effective corporate strategy aligns all people, processes, goals and plans congruently to achieve a common vision and mission.

What we believe in

  • Open and honest communication
  • Trust and transparency
  • Respect for each other
  • Respond and service
  • Grit

Values define the core things we believe in as people, employees and colleagues.  Typically a blend of tangible and intangible things, values provide a set of desired norms, beliefs and expectations universal to an organization.  Values many times are the driving influences that power our thoughts, actions and emotions, both proactively and reactively, that inspire us to achieve great things.  Both rational and emotional, values can drive people and companies to success where others might fail.

Strategic Pillars (Organizational Goals)
The things we will focus on

  • Growth
    • Organic
    • Acquisition
    • Scale – Global
    • Scope – Emerging LOB
  • Efficiency
    • Core Operations
    • Automation
  • Customer Experience
    • Service like no other company in the world
    • Develop true business partnerships
    • Grow the brand
  • Employee Engagement
    • Improve communication to all employees
    • Work united, trust your teammates
    • Hire the best, make them better

Strategic Pillars are the foundation from which we perform, evaluate and improve our actions internally and externally.  While pillars are usually specific to a particular department or company goal, they also act as universal standards or metrics we use to gather, focus and evaluate performance across multiple criteria.

While some pillars are more broad than others, each one acts as a specific set of guidelines, goals and metrics to evaluate our overall company performance.  While pillars can stand alone, they are best served and achieved in unison, similar to supporting a building or structure together.

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