XDD-Secure – A secure, scalable technology platform that’s SOC2 compliant

XDD-Secure is the security layer of our XDD-360 technology platform. Built off our state of the art, SOC2 compliant IT infrastructure, XDD-Secure provides clients the peace of mind they need to focus on client matters instead of the technology that drives them.

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In the ever-changing landscape of cyber and data security, our technology platform lives within an entirely secure IT infrastructure that’s built for speed and adaptability.

  • SOC2 compliant and independently audited
  • Powered by our own, secure XDD datacenter
  • Standardized protocol across XDD-360 tech
  • Adaptable architecture to adjust to unknowns
  • Optimized for reliability and control


  • Peace of Mind – assurance that your data is safe
  • Reliability – accessibility when you need it
  • Adaptability – flexibility to evolve with needs
  • Control – access to monitor and control data
  • Scalability – ability to expand as needs evolve


Our XDD-360 technology suite, services and Managed Review teams rely on XDD-Secure to run your matters while keeping your data secure all times.

  • 100% of actions run from within secured XDD data center
  • XDD network activity streamed through secured channel, encrypted, logged and verified
  • On-site data-center personnel 24/7/365 with electronic and physical security measures including man-trap entry and biometric access
  • All access filtered through robust Intrusion Detection system for any anomalies or threats


To learn more about XDD-Secure or schedule an online demo contact us at 913.362.8662 or complete our online form.

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