XDD Sub-Processor Partners

XDD utilizes the following technology / tools to power our company, products and services across multiple departments within the company.  In some instances, data is captured, hosted, used and / or saved to enhance engagement with customers, prospects, partners and employees.

  • WordPress – Website CMS (Content Management System)
  • Real Magnet / Higher Logic – ESP (Email Service Provider)
  • Survey Monkey – Marketing survey tool
  • Gotomeeting – Meeting platform
  • Gotowebinar – Webinar platform
  • Twitter – Social media account
  • LinkedIn – Social media account
  • SoundCloud – Podcast hosting platform
  • Bitly – Link URL shortener
  • Glassdoor – Company reviews
  • Google Analytics – Website traffic tool
  • Relativity – hosting and review platform
  • Oracle – viewer/processing software – part of the XEDD processing platform
  • Cellebrite – forensics mobile device collection software
  • Microsoft – server/software – SQL backend engines
  • LSI – machine translation software – built into Relativity
  • Veritone – audio/Video transcription and AI tool built into Relativity
  • IPRO – Eclipse hosting platform, processing software
  • Viewpoint – hosting and review platform
  • Axiom – forensics collection software
  • Onna – forensics collection software for group messaging applications


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