XEDD Processing Tool

Raw data, intelligence well-done

Processing data can be a grind. And, the more data you have, the more people, time and technology it takes to produce the discovery intelligence you and your clients need.

An integral component of the XDD-360 Technology Suite, XEDD is XDD’s proprietary processing engine built by former Microsoft engineers that enables us to process multiple terabytes of raw data, while providing unparalleled capacities, speed, scalability and customization as client’s needs evolve.

Engineered to individual client specifications, XEDD enables clients to convert raw data into the intelligence they need in an efficient, accurate and streamlined fashion.

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  • Built and supported by former Microsoft engineers
  • Microsoft .NET architecture
  • SQL back end
  • Secured in SSAE 16 Type II (SOC 1) certified data center in Dallas, TX
  • Hundreds of supported file formats
  • Successful processing of small to multi-terabyte projects
  • Highly scalable, performs just as well processing 1 GB of PSTs (Outlook) as 1024 GB of NSFs
  • Customizable architecture, flexible design allows quickly for changes in workflow and updates
  • Integrates best-of-breed technologies
  • Constantly evolving, regular feature improvements and additions
  • Built-in quality control checks at all stages


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